Town Driving 

Driving in towns requires concentration and hazard perception skills and the need to anticipate upcoming conditions on the road.  
Not only watching the traffic on the road but being prepared for changing traffic lights, pedestrians, junctions and any other hazards etc. is a skill to be mastered and a very important one at that. 
It is very important that you gain experience driving on different types of roads, in a variety of conditions. If you don't, you could find yourself in a situation that you don't have the experience to deal with safely. 
I will ensure you have all the necessary skills to be able to be a safe and confident around towns and villages, so that you have the confidence to drive almost anywhere.  
The following site gives useful advice on all aspects of driving – 
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2 Lane Traffic both directions.
Traffic Jam.
Driving around in wet weather.
Bideford Quay North Devon.
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